What's New at daneman.org?

Site Downtime

Sometime around mid-April of this year, this site no longer functioned properly. Nothing had changed with the site (for years), so there is no reason for it to have suddenly become unavailable. The best I can tell, is that there was a change made to the hosting infrastructure by the company hosting the site, and that broke it—just a theory.

I guess this is what I get for not paying attention to this site for so long. At any rate, if you're reading this, then the site is working.

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The Website Is Moving
I am moving all of my websites, including daneman.org to a new webhost. Hopefully you won't even notice, but if you do, my apologies in advance.

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Wedding Website
For everyone planning on coming to the wedding, we've set up a wedding website: May27th.Daneman.com.

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