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Site Downtime

Sometime around mid-April of this year, this site no longer functioned properly. Nothing had changed with the site (for years), so there is no reason for it to have suddenly become unavailable. The best I can tell, is that there was a change made to the hosting infrastructure by the company hosting the site, and that broke it—just a theory.

I guess this is what I get for not paying attention to this site for so long. At any rate, if you're reading this, then the site is working.

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The Website Is Moving
I am moving all of my websites, including daneman.org to a new webhost. Hopefully you won't even notice, but if you do, my apologies in advance.

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Website Redesign

Ok, this site has gone unchanged for the better part of 3 years. I think that it is time for a change, don't you? I think it is high time that I make the site into what it was intended to be from the beginnng -- a family portal.

Here are some of the features I envision for this site:
  • Weblogs for individual family members
  • A family weblog
  • Calendar of events
  • Family contact sheet
  • Event reminder via email
  • Threaded discussion forum
  • Ability to password protect anything and everything
  • Individual photo albums
...and the list could go on...

As the developer in the family, naturally it will fall to me to build this. It will take some time, but I think it can be done. Heck, right here, right now, we've already got a family weblog. Most people just don't know that they can post to it. Email me if you'd like to know how you can contribute content.

That's it for now. Please provide feedback.

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Website and Email Outage
My ISP (SBC) had an outage that affected DSL customers in the D/FW area this evening. We were one of the customers. Due to this outage, email and websites were down from approximately 7:20 PM until 10:30 PM.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this caused.

Email users please note that we do have a backup mail spool that continues to collect email whenever the main mail server goes down. So rest assured that no mail was lost.


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Server Upgrade/Migration Complete
Thanks for your patience while we upgraded the server that runs the Daneman Family websites. Thanks to the hard work of everyone on our IT staff, the process went off without a hitch, and with no downtime.

That said, please let me know if you notice something peculiar here.


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Server Migration
Hey everyone, we are in the middle of a server migration. I don't anticipate any downtime, but the sites might be a little slow for the next 12-24 hours until I am able to get them back up on a better performing server.

Thanks for your patience.

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Upcoming Server Downtime
We will be moving the server this weekend. The move will require that the server be offline for an hour or two late Saturday evening or Saturday night.

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Weblog/Journal/Blog System Update
Some of you might be wondering what happened to that journal system I mentioned...

Believe it or not, I have been working on it, and working hard, I might add. The system that is used to publish content here at Daneman.org is the foundation for the weblog, or journal system that I am building. It is different enough to make integration more time consuming than I'd like, but that's ok, as it will provide some nice functionality.

The short of it is this: I have a ton more work to do on it, but it is coming. In the meantime, you can contribute to the content on this site. If you haven't done so already, please register. If you think you might have registered already, but aren't sure, email me at bryan AT daneman dot com.

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Your Very Own Journal @ daneman.org
Surely by now you've heard the term "blog". Perhaps "web log"? Ok, "journal"? Right, I thought so.

Let's call the online version of a journal or diary a log, or a web log. Sound good? Now, let's just combine web and log into one word - that's it, blog. Now you've heard of it, and know what it is.

Very soon, you will be able to have your very own blog at daneman.org. On your blog, you will be free to post whatever strikes your fancy. Since this will be your blog, there will be no waiting for your content to be approved. You just say "Publish To Journal" and BAM! it's there.

The capability has been available for some time, but it was inflexible. If I had made it available earlier, you'd all have to use the same look and feel - there'd be no room for individuality. Not so anymore. I've created the final piece of the blog puzzle, that is the ability to create templates for your blog.

Don't worry, I'll build a whole FAQ section for you. For details to follow.

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Personal Publishing System
Coming soon to a daneman.org website near you - Personal Publishing Systems.

What the heck is that, you ask?

How about "journal"? Ok? Good. Yes, coming soon to daneman.org, your very own Personal Publishing System, otherwise known as a journal. Since we are on the web, we will call it a Web Log or Blog. Everyone has a blog these days, shouldn't you have one too?

Stay tuned for more news regarding this exciting development. It could be huge!

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The Vision
While perusing the daneman.org archives recently, I came across this post - "What can I do at daneman.org?". It is from November 2000.

That vision still lives, and this site will get their some day. Hopefully soon.

Click the link, read the old post, see if it sounds good. Provide some feedback. Are those things of interest to you? Would they provide value to you?


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Content Management For Website

Good news! Much progress was made this weekend in getting the Content Management application ready for use at daneman.org. You will all soon be able to post your own content, just like this post that you are reading now.

I know you are soooo excited ;-).

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*** News - Daneman.com Email ***
Daneman.com email is now pointing to the new server. If you specified a password for email on the new server that is different than the password you've been using for email, then you will be prompted for your password the next time you check daneman.com email. Also, please remember to change your settings so that your outgoing mail uses authentication (that is the SMTP server for daneman.com).

Let us know if you have any questions.


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Just a reminder that we will be moving Daneman.com to its new server today (4/3/2002) - it will not happen until probably 9 or 10 PM Central Time.

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We're Back Baby!
After a little blood, a little sweat, no tears, but tons and tons of frustration, we are back online.

A special thanks to the one person at Sprint who knew what the heck he was doing. I just wish that I could remember his name. Oh well, here we are.

If you are needing to update your profile in preparation for the move of daneman.com to this server, just click the "myAdmin" link above and then Profile. Note: at some point along the way, you'll need to login.

So anyway, thanks for your patience with us.

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Getting Closer Every Day
Well, a great deal of progress has been made over the past couple of days here at daneman.org v2.0.

We are getting closer to being finished, if that's possible. I will be working on the admin stuff, so that you users can submit content, update your profiles, manage links, etc, over the next few days. Look for the site to launch sometime around the first of April.

And no, I am not fooling.

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Busy, busy, busy
I know, you were hoping to see some real progress made on this site. I know, I am all talk and no action. I know, I always promise, but rarely deliver.

Unfortunately, these things will not be changing for a little while. Well, I suppose they could change some - I could stop making promises that I can't keep. Nah, that's no fun. The simple fact of the matter is that I've been busy lately. There is a lot going on at work - you know, the gig that actually pays the bills. Anyway, it won't be slowing down for a while, so development of this site will be sporadic at best. I promise you this - one day, it will get done.

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The New Daneman.org
Well, I hope that you all like the new look of Daneman.org. In addition to a new look, Daneman.org also has some new stuff under the hood. You'll probably notice that the site's content is organized slightly different than the previous version. This is due to a new content engine, built by yours truly. The content engine is very simple - when you come to the home page of the site, the engine will display the 5 most recent posts regardless of the category that they've been filed under. Click the link for a specific category will give you a full list of posts for that category. That's all there is to it, at least for now. In the next week or so I will be adding some additional views such as a site-wide archive, which will give you a day by day or month by month view of posts, regardless of category.

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Commenting System
In case you were curious, the commenting system is not yet functional.

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Hello there.

I would like to survey the few of you that actually visit this site to see if there is any interest in you having a web site at daneman.org or daneman.com.

Your site would be username.daneman.com or username.daneman.org - like bryan.daneman.org.

Please login to the site and then post comments regarding the above.


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Daneman Family Stuff - Mailing List
I recently set up a mailing list that provides a new and exciting way for the family to stay connected. Simply subscribe to the list and you'll automatically receive emails sent to the list. The best part is that you can email that list, and thus list recipients, yourself. You can even reply to other peoples mail, all within the context of the mailing list. What we end up with is essentially threaded discussions.

Just send click the following link to email ListMaster@metastash.com and signup. Clicking on the link will open your email program and an email with the body of the email already populated with everything you need (you should see the following in the body: SUBSCRIBE Daneman Family Stuff). You will get a confirmation to which you simply reply. That's it - e...a...s...y!

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Daneman Family Web Sites
This move required a substantial investment in hardware for the server that the sites run on, as well as additional costs for the high-speed connection.

For the most part, we do this out of generosity, but we always welcome your support. Now, supporting the Daneman Family of Web Sites is easier than ever. You can make your donation online by clicking on the link below. Thanks for your continued support.

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Recent Server Downtime
The server has now been moved to a new hosting facility, and steps are being taken to ensure that should something similar happen in the future, we will have much less downtime. Ideally, we would never be down.

Thanks for your patience,

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We are back!
For those of you who frequent this site, you undoubtedly noticed that we haven't been around for the last couple of weeks.

Well, here we are, alive and kicking, and stronger than ever. We are now hosted at a secret facility somewhere in North Texas. At this time, we are not yet certain if this will be permanent or not. We do hope that any changes in the future will not result in so much downtime.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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AT&T Broadband
How does AT&T Broadband affect us? In a major way. You see, by blocking all of the commonly used ports, we are no longer able to access websites hosted within AT&T Broadband's realm using the standard port 80. If you are reading this, then you have learned that we are now using port 8181, because it is not being blocked. Ok, so no big deal, the site can still be accessed, right? Yes it can, but how will people know to specify port 8181? Additionally, any site that has linked to us will now think we are dead because when they click on the link it says "Server Not Found". That is not good.

Here's what we are doing. 1) Trying to get the to unblock the ports. 2) Looking into using their Business Class service which does not have ports blocked, and 3) A new provider.

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Any News?
Hey folks, do you have some news that you'd like to share with the rest of us? Did you know that you can submit your own news items?

Well, you can. The web interface for doing this is nearly ready, in the meantime you can email your news to Bryan AT Daneman DOT COM.

Your email should include the following:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Article

I am looking forward to your news.

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Server Relocation A Success!
Well, the site has been relocated to our own personal hosting facility, on our own personal web server.

I anticipate that this move will provide 100% better reliablity regarding uptime, in addtion to better performance. Plus, since we are hosting it ourselves, we have full access to the server and control over everything.

Over the next week you might experience brief periods of downtime, as we will be continuing to test the server to optimize its performance.

Email any questions or concerns to bryan at daneman dot com.


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Picture Books
A new web app, Picture Books : A place to look at pictures., is currently in development. Feel free to take a look. The basic functionality is there, but there is not much data loaded yet.

When complete, users will be able to create their own picture books!

Let me know what you think. I am especially interested in how this page looks within various browsers.

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Daneman Web Sites Server Fund
The time has come for us to upgrade our hosting services for both Daneman.com and Daneman.org. What this means is that we will now be hosting both sites ourselves instead of using a web hosting company.

Over the last few years, our web hosts have proved to be less than reliable and we feel that we can do a better job.

In order to host these sites ourselves, we must have our own web server and high-speed connection, neither of which are cheap. To assist us in providing better service to our community, we are asking for a small donation from you our user.

You can make your donation online by clicking on the link below. Thanks for your continued support.

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Your Opinion...
Ok, this site has been around for a while now. Sure, all the features that have been promised are not yet functional, but they will be eventually. What I want to know is, what do you think about the site?

Do you like/dislike

  • the layout
  • the colors
  • the content
  • the features
  • the functionality
  • the usability of the site
What would you add, what would you change?

You can either email me your comments, or click on the comments link below. If you click on the comments link below, please login in first.

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What can I do at daneman.org?
  • Read the news Daneman style.
  • Surf to your favorite sites.
  • Look up an address in your address book.
  • Double check the date of your cousin's birthday in your calendar.
  • Build a family photo album.
  • Go read the latest posts in the Forums.
  • Buy something for your favorite family member (me ;-) )

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