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AT&T Broadband
How does AT&T Broadband affect us? In a major way. You see, by blocking all of the commonly used ports, we are no longer able to access websites hosted within AT&T Broadband's realm using the standard port 80. If you are reading this, then you have learned that we are now using port 8181, because it is not being blocked. Ok, so no big deal, the site can still be accessed, right? Yes it can, but how will people know to specify port 8181? Additionally, any site that has linked to us will now think we are dead because when they click on the link it says "Server Not Found". That is not good.

Here's what we are doing. 1) Trying to get the to unblock the ports. 2) Looking into using their Business Class service which does not have ports blocked, and 3) A new provider.

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