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Surely by now you've heard the term "blog". Perhaps "web log"? Ok, "journal"? Right, I thought so.

Let's call the online version of a journal or diary a log, or a web log. Sound good? Now, let's just combine web and log into one word - that's it, blog. Now you've heard of it, and know what it is.

Very soon, you will be able to have your very own blog at daneman.org. On your blog, you will be free to post whatever strikes your fancy. Since this will be your blog, there will be no waiting for your content to be approved. You just say "Publish To Journal" and BAM! it's there.

The capability has been available for some time, but it was inflexible. If I had made it available earlier, you'd all have to use the same look and feel - there'd be no room for individuality. Not so anymore. I've created the final piece of the blog puzzle, that is the ability to create templates for your blog.

Don't worry, I'll build a whole FAQ section for you. For details to follow.

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