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Baseballs and Soccer Balls
So you might not be a soccer fan. Who cares? You are most likely a fan of the USA, no matter what the sport (I am assuming you are an American, if not, then surely you are a fan of the underdog ;-).). In either case, make sure to tune in early Friday morning to watch the USA men's soccer team take on Germany in the World Cup. We are not expected to win, but then again, we weren't expected to beat Portugal or Mexico.

In other news, I am eagerly awaiting tonight's baseball game between the Texas Longhorns and Stanford Cardinal in the College World Series. A win for the Longhorns sends them on to the championship game on Saturday. A loss means a rematch tomorrow for the right to move on to Saturday's game.

Hook'em and USA! USA! USA!

P.S. - The Tour de France starts in just over two weeks.

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U.S. Moves On Despite Thumping By Poland
South Korea bailed out the U.S. soccer team today. People will say that the U.S. backed into the next round. I wonder what Portugal, France, or Argentina give to be in our shoes?

The more I watch these World Cup games, the more it seems like winning isn't the real objective, at least not in this round. The objective here is to survive, and the US team has done just that. Sure, it might all be over soon, but until then...


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What's With North Texas Sports?
So, what is up with North Texas professional sports teams? Just as soon as the Mavs get good, every other team just goes to hell. First the Rangers and now the Stars. Let's all just hope that the Mavs have a nice long playoff run!

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2002 Ride For The Roses Weekend
This weekend, the 6th annual Ride For The Roses takes place in Austin, Texas. If you are in the Austin area, or you are looking for a fun and rewarding weekend getaway, then spin on over to the Ride For The Roses Weekend website and check out the details.

As many of you know, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996. In 1997, he founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation. LAF's mission is to enhance the quality of survival of those diagnosed with cancer. The Ride For The Rose's is one of the events that the LAF produces, designed to raise awareness of their mission, involve interested parties in survivorship causes and the fight against cancer, and raise funds to support their mission activities.

The Ride for the Roses Weekend is comprised of several events and serves as their major outreach and awareness effort, drawing more than 25,000 participants and volunteers.

Wouldn't you like to be one of them?

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3 in a row!
Lance Armstrong won his third straight Tour de France yesterday.

This is sweet!

UT's Salute To Lance

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