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Baseballs and Soccer Balls
So you might not be a soccer fan. Who cares? You are most likely a fan of the USA, no matter what the sport (I am assuming you are an American, if not, then surely you are a fan of the underdog ;-).). In either case, make sure to tune in early Friday morning to watch the USA men's soccer team take on Germany in the World Cup. We are not expected to win, but then again, we weren't expected to beat Portugal or Mexico.

In other news, I am eagerly awaiting tonight's baseball game between the Texas Longhorns and Stanford Cardinal in the College World Series. A win for the Longhorns sends them on to the championship game on Saturday. A loss means a rematch tomorrow for the right to move on to Saturday's game.

Hook'em and USA! USA! USA!

P.S. - The Tour de France starts in just over two weeks.

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